Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We're Back

After an AMAZING vacation up at the beach, we finally make the trip home today. It took a little prying to leave, but my hubby did have to go back to that place they call work...something he only vaguely remembers how to do in the summer time.  

Our time at the beach was filled with lots of family time, bike rides, parades, walks, beach fun, pool time, and even a 5K (well almost)...and you know how I know we all had the best time...because I don't have any pictures of it! Here are some from one afternoon that I actually had my phone with me!

 Here are some of our little peanut, A, playing on the beach!
Learning how to love the sand

And strut her stuff on the beach :)

Playing with her just older cousin

Learning everything she can from her big cousin about sand

Enjoying some time "by her self" although heavily supervised :)

She sat and filled up all the buckets!

Learning how to collect shells in her bucket

I love my big cousin!

A's oldest cousin digging her an A-sided hole to play in

And of course some time with Aunt Amanda :)

Not really understanding the joys of lounging like mommy

But having a blast running away from daddy!

Her own little seat in the sand

And the first pictures of the First Annual Munn Fun Run! Basically, there is a 5K each 4th of July, and we all dragged our VERY hung over selves out of bed and were dressed and ready for the race at 8:45....too bad it didn't start till 10am. Well, as our motivation dropped and we transitioned from "maybe still drunk" to "officially hung over" we thought, what the heck, we will make our own run! So we ran the same loop, shouting happy 4th to all who could hear! Here is our victory photo!

Yes, I ran with A in her stroller and the two little girls on bikes were our escorts ( A's bigest cousin and her friend)
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  1. You're so right, you know it was a good time if there aren't a lot of pictures! I'm glad you were able to capture a few though.


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