Friday, July 8, 2011

One Notch Lower on the Cool Mom List

Today I did the unthinkable. I returned my beautiful, chic, fancy, and all around drool-worthy Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag, and got a boring, old lady Vera Bradley bag instead. Why you ask? Well let me explain.

Although I do love to be fashionable and have adorable accessories...I mean look at my daughter, how much cuter can you get :)...I am also a bit thrifty and practical. Though don't ever tell my husband, I think I have him fooled. So although I loved my PPB diaper bag so much and could sit there staring at it for hours, I knew in the end it just was not that practical. The room inside the bag is VERY small and can hardly fit a few toys and snacks. Yes, it has the amazing outside folding part for changing diapers, but as great as that part is, it means the bag cannot expand at all...meaning no matter how hard I try to shove a few more items in the middle, the sides will not budge for extra room. Also, it is pretty heavy on its own, not to mention when I have every compartment jammed full. And is not machine washable, which after the small dead carcass I am sure is still hiding in my first PPB diaper bag, is not something I am willing to risk.

So although it is not as cute, and certainly not as fashionable, I have just finished packing my VB diaper bag for our Canadian adventure.  Here is the real shocker...look at what I fit inside!
·         A 64 pack of Johnson and Johnson wipes
·         3 diapers
·         2 Fancy Nancy books
·         An ipad
·         A throw-away changing pad (PPB would be ashamed)
·         4 small Ziploc bags
·         A container of triple paste
·         A travel size container of Take and Toss forks and Spoons
·         A thing of Kleenex
·         A wallet
·         2 cell phones (play ones for A)
·         1 snack trap
·         4 sippy cups
·         2 bags of Veggie Straws
·         4 squeeze pouches (Plum Organics and Happy Baby)
·         2 boxes of raisins
·         1 pouch of freeze dried strawberries
·         1 bag of teddy grahams
·         1 coloring book and crayons
·         and a portable wine glass for Mommy (just kidding :)
So...although I might be a little less cool, I can hold a lot more s#$%! And the best part...I can still easily lift it onto my shoulder.

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  1. I have the PPB boxy diaper bag. I love it. I want to get a cake bag also....but I just can't get my head around $300. Which one did you have? I totally understand not wanting to spend the money on a diaper bag, mine was a gift. Your Vera one is sooo cute though, and thanks for all the info on what you keep in it. I am not the most organized and always forget things. You made me rethink what is in mine!

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