Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It Is The Little Things

It is the little things that make all the difference, and having A has really made me appreciate this on a whole new level. Today was a very typical Baltimore morning. The weather station in our kitchen read 86 degrees at 8:45am, and the humidity was 100%...something I definitely did not think to check before we headed out the door.

As I pulled up to the park for Stroller Strides, the most amazing workout ever that I certainly credit to getting my pre-baby shape back, and stepped out of the car you could feel the humidity drop on you like a wet towel, heavy, suffocating, thick, and a bit stinky. Regardless, I hauled the BOB out of the car and got A, and her snacks, all situated. Thirty minutes into the workout and we were both sweating more than I thought possible. Both of our shirts were drenched and A was starting to get cranky. Another 40 minutes later class was over and I could no longer feel my legs as we slowly made our way to the playground.

Although A was super hot and sweaty she couldn't wait to run around on the playground with her friends; and even with matted down hair, a wet shirt, and sticky limbs she had a blast laughing with her friends, playing a game of peek-a-boo, and of course some climbing and sliding!
"Mom, if I told you once, I told you 100 times. Please stop taking pictures of me, it is embarrassing."

"Look, a piece of mulch all the way up here!"

"I have to focus when I go down the first."


"I love the playground. Come and get me Will!"

"Really? You think it is your turn driving this ship...I don't think so."

Me: "A, please be nice and share."
A: Blank Stare
Me: "Sharing is caring"
A: The Look

"Will, where did I go!"

"Oh no, where is Will"

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