Sunday, July 24, 2011

Girls' Weekend!

Since it was girl's weekend in our house...daddy was up in Philly with the boys...we decided to make the most of it! Yesterday afternoon, we met my middle sister and her husband, and cousin C at the pool for some splashing fun.

After about an hour and change of A running all over the pool being a wild woman and little C trying to be a big girl, by standing in the pool and refusing to sit, we were all pooped. The heat was so intense we had sweat rolling down our backs to the extent it felt like bugs landing on us, which is the worst feeling in the world we decided yesterday, so we threw down dinner and a southside, and called it a night.  

I have to admit, I love having A all to myself at night. We had a nice long bubble-tub, playing with these awesome new foam squares that stick to the side of the tub, which A has become obsessed with, and then snuggled for about 40 minutes reading books. I think it has a little to do with the fact that I am/were a teacher, but A LOVES books. We are lucky if we can get away with only reading 3-4 a night, and I am not talking about little books, but Fancy Nancy and Emily Goes Wild....all ones that take a good amount of time to read. On a complete side note, I have gotten so sick of reading the same books that I have decided to really start using my library each week we head to the library (try to catch story time) and check out 10 books to read for the week. This way we always have something new and exciting to read at night, and it is free! Doesn't get much better than that.

So this morning when A woke up (at 6:45am blah) we had some breakfast, got changed, and headed to the Farmers' Market! It was a great one today because with all the heat and nice weather the stands were overflowing with huge vegetables and fruits. We decided to go with cucumbers, small tomatoes (pear and cherry), plums, corn, rockfish, 7 seed honey bread, a muffin to snack on while we perused, and some peaches. Oh, I almost forgot, I also picked up some fresh radishes for my dad, since they are his favorite and we are heading up to the beach to see them on Thursday! Shhh...don't tell :)

Although we had only been at the farmers' mkt for about 40 minutes, we were both sweaty and tired, but we had to stick it out a little longer since A's godparents were meeting us there. After a quick visit and lots of hugs I loaded A in the car and we headed to my sister's house for a pool morning!

My oldest sister has three girls: 7, 5, and 3, then my middle sister has a girl (cousin C who is 6 months younger than A), then we have a there is plenty of tantrums, whining, pouting, and gossiping going on when we get together. Today was no different...with three adult sisters, 5 little girls, and one husband we had plenty to laugh about all morning.

When the little girls could hardly keep their heads above water as they swam about, we decided it was time to break for lunch. Being the only boy there, my brother-in-law was quick to volunteer to grab a pizza and took off as we ushered the kids inside to get changed. Twenty minutes later all the kids were happily eating pizza as my sisters and I sat around the island gabbing. My oldest niece will be 8 in September (OMG I can't believe she is really that and can spell better than I can, so it takes some serious stealth moves to get her to remain clueless about our conversations.

But no matter how many times we have to say, "hands to yourself", or "please don't pick her up", or "you crossed the imaginary line", or even "ladies!" it is always the most fun when they are all together, running around and squealing with delight.
"Come on...take my hand!"

"Our crazy cousins' lunch!"

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  1. What a great day! How wonderful that she gets to grow up with her cousins!

    (Your sisters house is gorgeous!!)


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