Friday, July 1, 2011

A Much Needed Vacation

Although I didn't really feel particularly stressed or overworked at home, the minute we got in the car last night and started our 6 hr drive to CT, I could feel the stress leaving my body. The drive was not bad at all and we arrived around 1am, got A tucked into her crib and hit the sheets for a few hours of rest. Around 6am A started to stir, so I sleepily rolled over, picked my head up to look out the window and was greeted by this...the most amazing wake up view I have had since last summer.
Yes, I am the youngest of three but somehow managed to get the best room in the house!

After breakfast and some unpacking, we buckled A into her CT stroller (yes, I actually leave one up here since we have too much to bring up with the kid, dog, and all everyone's stuff) and went for a  loop around "The Point". That is what it is called here, since we are on a peninsula. A loved being back, smelling the salty air, and listening to the seagulls. After a walk and a necessary trip to the grocery store, we put A down for a nap, my husband pretended to do work for a little bit, and I got to lay in the sun with the first girl that joined our family for some quality snuggle time!
What a big girl A looks like in her new crocks!

The South side of "The Point"

My giant snuggle bug

Who took up almost all of the lounge chair

I can't wait till A gets up and we can bike down to the beach for some fun in the sand, or just lazily play in the yard with the water table!
How much better would this picture look with a mommy and daddy sitting on the wall with a cocktail

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful mini-vacation! The beach is the best!


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