Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Pool Date

Since it was another scorcher here in good ol' B-more, Nicole and I decided we would treat the kids to a pool day! After a grueling workout from our favorite instructor, Kate, we swapped our sports bras for our swim suits and lathered the kids in sunscreen. On a complete side note, Nicole had this awesome new sunscreen by Water Babies that is spray foam...super easy to apply and quickly rubbed in. Let's just say she beat me by minutes in the sunscreen applying department!

Then it was time to let them loose in the water! E and A always have so much fun together, but each day they become so much more grown-up and love actually playing together...not just parallel play. I can't believe how much they have grown up in the past 9 months, from kids who could not even really crawl to these little running, laughing, talking humans.  
"E, look at all the toys I found!"

"I am testing out the water, and it is niceeee."

"No seriously, look at cool watering can."

"Oh, this is pretty cool."

"I found a boat...brrrrrruuummmm."

"Haha, I wacked you in the bum!"

"Hilarious, E. I am busy with my car."

"Can I see it?"
"Yes, I am getting very good at sharing."

"Want to play matchstick with the leaf? I am it...splashhhh!"

"Bet you can't find it!"

"You are a little crazy. I am going to play with the car again."


"Hum, more water?"

"E, watch me practice blowing bubbles!"

"I haven't totally gotten the hang of it yet."

Moms: "Okay, guys time to get changed so we can have lunch!"
A: The Stare

E: "Oh yeah, almost naked with a girl"
A: "E, stop looking at my swimmy."

E and A waiting "patiently" for lunch :)

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  1. Too funny! I loved the commentary! My favorite picture is the one after she tried blowing bubbles! haha!


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