Friday, July 22, 2011

Friends Make All The Difference

Do you ever have a friend who even though you haven't know them that long, it seems like you have been best friends forever? Well, I have friend Nicole...yeah, you know, E's mommy! It is so funny how we can hang out for hours and always have plenty to talk about, but can still enjoy minutes of just sitting without talking. We treat each other's kids like our own, taking away flying forks, cleaning up spills, and grabbing little hands without ever having to worry we are over-stepping our boundaries. And it is pretty much the cutest when we text each other how one kid won't stop talking about the other kid. I know how lucky we are to have found such great friends and I can only hope A will always get to grow up with her buddy, E, right by her side...or more realistically, leading her into trouble!

So today we decided to beat the heat together with the kids and took them to one of the coolest places ever, Kiddie Crusoe.  This is a hidden indoor play-place which provides hours of entertainment with a giant jungle gym for the big kids (kindly fences off from the little kid area so you don't have to keep dragging your toddler away from the 20 foot slide), an entire room filled with different bounce houses, slides, and ball pits, and a massive oversized hallway with "stores" on one side. The stores are everything from a grocery store, to a house, to a fire station, and even a music store filled with toys and dress-ups so the kids can go wild with their imagination. The best part (I think, being a mom of a 1 1/2 year old) is the super safe Little Tikes playground, perfectly sized for a tiny little toddler body! Check out some pictures I managed to snap as A and E were tearing around all morning!
This is the Little Tikes freakin' cool!

After some time on the "playground" A was off to the fire station.

Where she found E all ready to fight fires.

"Don't worry, here I come E!"

"Reaaarrrr....get out of my way, I have a fire to get to."

Next it was time to check out the grocery store.

Then the music store.

Where A practiced her guitar skills

And showed mommy how real rockers do it!

Then it was time to check out the wheels on the train.

But A was more interested in the baby doll.

And apparently showing mommy what a terrible example she sets :)

So E had to come over and help out, and show A how to do it.

But that turned into a game of Red Rover...

After a long time playing A needed to rest on her horse and left E to babysit.

Which he did perfectly!

Finally, A got her strength back and releived E of his duties.  

Then decided to put the baby in the stroller, so we could all head to lunch!
(Look at the big kid playground behind her!)

Here's to best buddies!
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  1. You're so lucky to have such a great friend and to have kids around the same age!

    That place is amazing!! Why don't I live in a major city again?


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