Sunday, July 10, 2011

Canadian Adventure Day 2

Welcome to Canada!!!! I am sitting on an amazingly comfortable couch in Osoyoos, British Coulmbia right now after a 4 hr drive...and although I wanted to see a bear and a moose on this vacation I have to say my first encounter was not ideal. About 3 hrs into our drive we saw a bear in the had just been hit by a car! I mean how American am I, I actually cosidered taking a picture so I might have asked my husband to pull over so I could get a better look. Then as I am thinking about it (after he refused to even consider pulling over) and am watching two cars pull over to check on the bear it dawns on me...what a moron! Who would hit a bear then pull over to see if it was okay. Hello! You just hit a bear, what if it is in shock and wakes up as you are stroking it matted, but soft fur, and EATS you! Here's to checking one off to the skeptic American and ignoring the kind, trusting Canadian :)

In case you were wondering, which I am sure you were, A was a dream on the plane! But now she is snuggled down in our hotel room and I am off to the pool, spa, and winery (yes this place has it all) while Nana watches after her lovely little granddaughter. Okay, fine maybe just the pool with a cocktail but hey a girl can dream!

Daily Mom, eh :)

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  1. I would have wanted to pull over too! I wouldn't have gotten out but I definitely would have wanted a closer look! haha!


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