Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday, Fun Day

Today, I wanted to take a second and appreciate the little things that have happened recently and can instantly make your day...

Like my high school best friend who came over for dinner last night with her hubby, and their little man, Sam who is 7 months...and is actually not so little.  Dinner was great, but it was amazing watching the kids together playing and interacting.

And my precious little girl, sitting through the entire Stroller Strides workout this morning, knowing it would pay off with some serious playground time.

And finally, a typical trip to the grocery store without any snacks, drinks, or whining because A rode in the little car in front of the grocery cart basket and beeped and waved to each pair of legs she rode past. She was mad the trip only took 45 minutes and she couldn't "play" longer.

Here's to kids who can do something so little and seemingly inconsequential, that can make an entire day!

Daily Mom


  1. When they cooperate it makes me love them even more. You know, not that I don't love them ALL the time, just that it makes it a little easier. Yay for good kids!

  2. So true ! She is so adorable!

    Thanks for the reminder to stop and appreciate life a little bit today.


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