Thursday, July 21, 2011

Too Hot To Handle

Since it was another scorcher today, we decided to skip music class...which from 10:15-11:15 in an un-air-conditioned room is brutal...and we packed our bags for the pool! Instead of going to her cousin's whale pool, we decided to throw caution to the wind and go to the real pool. We called A's little cousin, C, and planned to meet at 10:30.

After a quick stop on the way to purchase the best b-day present for my sister (I know you might read this, so no way am I revealing what it is) we made it to the pool...mommy, A, and about 14 bags of pool toys, towels, snacks, water, milk, sunscreen, changes of clothes, swimmy diapers, regular diapers, get the point.

For almost a solid hour the girls splashed, vroomed trucks, and tried to stay cool, as the adults melted, sweat, and complained of the heat. I mean really, 90 degrees before 11am? Seems like a sick joke to me. But the girls has a ball, and we knew there was a yummy lunch and a southside an ice tea in our future.


"Look C, this is my floating car. Isn't it the best!"

", this grass is sticking to me!"

"Yuck, get it off, get it off!"

"Someday when I go pee-pee in the potty I will be able to go in the cool kids pool"

"But for now, I will just have to deal with the baby pool, even though I am practically a big girl in every way."

"A bug. Mom, I see a bug"

"Can you please tell the big kids to keep it down, I am trying to enjoy my lunch."

"Mom, don't tell TT but I gave C some of my pizza :)"

I know I said I can deal with the heat, but I lied...this stinks!

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  1. Another fun day! She's lucky to have such a wonderful mom!


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