Thursday, July 28, 2011

Seriously...This is all Happening?

Wow, talk about a crazy day!

So it looks like we actually are moving...but before I get my hopes up I am going to be realistic and say there is a pretty good chance we are going to face another hiccup before closing. But regardless we have been working like crazy to get our house ready to go on the market, repainting the basement and the closet, fixing door handles, cleaning gutter, cleaning everything inside the house, staging the get my point. And today was our first real showing...well I guess not really-real since our house is not officially on the market, but this morning a realtor went through with a potential family...and they liked it and might want to come back for a second look! Yippee!

But before this exciting event transpired, we had a morning of utter chaos. At 6:30 we jumped out of bed and got to work. Since all four of A's godparents were over last night for playtime and dinner, I had a bit of cleaning up to do while my hubby slapped a second coat of paint on a few "under repair" areas. Then it was all about staging...which is pretty challenging when you have a 1 1/2 year old running behind you pulling everything you are doing apart. As the clock stroke 9am the realtor was at the door and the house was ready to go!

As I grabbed A and sighed a very happy exhale on my way to the car I thought the chaos was over and we could just was I ever wrong. When I got in my car I noticed it just didn't sound like all systems were-a-go, and sadly they weren' ac had died...and by this I mean no. air. period. Which on a normal day would not be so bad, but since the temperature was already pushing high into the 80's and we are driving in my car to Connecticut tonight to start our vacation...I saw this as a huge problem.

Okay, I can deal with no air, you know enjoy the nature a little and use the windows...but I don't think A could sleep (which is the plan) for our 6 hr car ride on the highway, through dirty Jersey (hey it is a bit smelly from 95) and across the GW bridge with crazy honking and swerving NY drivers, with the windows down. So on to plan B...I called my mom and dad for help! Luckily they have an extra car here and were more than happy to let us take it tonight! Phew...problem solved.

Now I just have to figure out how to get a whole lot of S&$# into a much smaller car :) I think I am just going to pretend it is a game of Tetras and rock it!

On a side note: I thought you would want to see some adorable pictures of A from yesterday as we played in the grass before her godparents arrived. Wow, you are good! I did say she had four but only one set made it before bedtime, so they are the only ones I snapped some pictures of....way to pick that up!
Always captivated by leaves

Calling to the birdie to come and get the leaf

She found another one!

Pondering life...

"Yuck, there is a tiny speck of dirt on my hands!"

"Ahh, it sure is nice under the shade."

"Mom, you are silly."

A and her Aunt Courtney

Getting kisses from Uncle Jesse

A quick photo with Mommy!

"Yawn..." and then it was time for bed.

Signing off from boiling B-more and will return from captivating Connecticut!

Daily Mom

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  1. I take no offense to the city drivers comment. All I can say is we are better than Mass-holes! :-)

    Congrats on getting a showing already! I truly pray you have a better experience selling your house than we did. It took over a year and we had maybe 5 people look at it total. So here's me praying for you to have better luck than me!


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