Friday, April 8, 2011

Where Does She Come From?

I often wonder where our daughter's personality comes from. I mean some things are so obvious, her love of Her hatred of husband. Her love of screaming just for Her husband. Her love of clothes and! Her stubbornness....fine, me. Her laughter...both of us!

But there are so many different aspects of her that I just can't figure out. Like her musical ability? Certainly, neither of us. Take today for example. We are in music class, and yes, I did remember the blue elephant rattle to share with the class! Granted, I made her shake it for the whole first 1/2 hour of class just to be ready when the teacher called on us to share, so when she finally did call on us, before the good-bye song, I handed the rattle to A and she swatted it out of my hand. Okay, so I guess her attention span (the same as a gnat) come from me too. Anyway, back to my point. So we are in music class and her teacher brings the guitar over and she walks right up to it and strums it properly! I mean, what! Who is this kid?

But it certainly makes me think about all the new aspects of her personality that appear each day. Where do they come from? Could I find someone in the family who was a great guitar player, or is music just a part of A that she was born with?

Who knows, but I do know that I can't wait to really know this little girl who is just starting to come into her own!

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