Friday, April 15, 2011

A Neurotic Mom

So, I might have over-reacted today. There was this little brown dot on the back of A's head, which of course I thought was a cut from her itty bitty finger nails that always seem to be way too long...even when I cut them every three days! Anyway, so the little brown dot didn't both me at first, until in the bath I started picking at it to make sure it was a cut. Of course I was very gentle...her little head is still so tiny. Well, after I touched it, I realized it could not be a cut, and was probably a mole. Then the panic set in. Why had I not seen it before? Was it raised? Was it misshaped? Is my little girl okay?

I know it has a lot to do with the society we live in, but of course my mind jumped to the worst possible option. I immediately called our doctor and got an appointment for 4pm. So we had to miss our special night at Port Discovery that we had planned for two weeks, who really cares!

At 4:30 I was walking out of the doctor's office feeling a lot better and maybe a little embarrassed. It turned out to just be a scratch, or if it is a mole (it is literally that tiny you can't really tell), it is nothing to be worried about. If A already had hair then I would not even have noticed it! Apparently majority of kids are not born with moles (or freckles) and acquire them over the first few years. Well, now I know!

So on the way home we stopped to get some food for dinner at the grocery store and they happen to have these playground balls on sale! Now, A is completely in love with balls. The minute she saw them, she kept saying baaalllll, until I got one and let her hold it during the rest of our shopping. It was the least I could do after such a stressful day. Even if A had no idea I was a half second away from crazy. Here she is playing in our yard with Daddy and her new ball!

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