Friday, April 22, 2011

Our Very Big Day

What do you do when you look out the front door and see a 5 foot by 3 foot box on your doorstep? Well, first you have to look around to make sure no one is trying to distract you while they secretly break into your house and steal everything. Check. Then you have to kick the box to make sure there is nothing alive inside. Check. Then all that is left, is trying to drag this ridiculously huge box (which is rather heavy, on top of being awkward) into your house while holding a wiggling one year old. Check.

So this is how our afternoon went the other day...we found the box after naptime and started our examination process. There are only two people who would send something like this, and since it was not A's birthday or a special holiday (you don't get big Easter presents from non immediate family) I knew it could not be from her Aunt Amanda. That left only one mom. Since A cannot read yet, I told her it was from FAO Schwartz...thank you return label...and we started, timidly, figuring out what her Gigi had gone and done now.

We started by looking through the crack at the top of the box. Apparently whatever it was, happened to be too big for this box and was busting out of the top. As I lifted A up to see the two small brown and white horns, just peaking though the opening, I had a pretty good guess at what was inside. I knew this was going to be good, so I had to run and get the camera to capture A's face when we got this box open. With camera in hand, I opened the top of the box and lifted out a little (well let's be honest, not much about this is really little) brown and white head. You would have thought A just won the lottery. She was dancing, squealing, and running all over the family room.

As I struggled the rest of the giant giraffe out of the box, she couldn't get enough of it. You all know how much A loves giraffes so this was a very exciting afternoon for her. She walked right up and started petting and hugging and kissing it. Then she started to really get a good look at it, walking around it and touching it's side.

I thought she was being so cute and gentle to her new stuffed animal, when it happened....

The giant giraffe tipped (or really crashed) over! Apparently she was being gentle because A has learned she needs to be gentle to animals, real ones, and must have thought this was real, since she LOST it when it tipped over. A few hugs later, we played doctor to her giraffe, Zoe (named after the one at the zoo) who miraculously made a full recovery.

All this excitement must have made her pretty hungry, and since it was snack time we headed into the kitchen. As I am lifting A into her chair she is saying "looooonnnnng" and rubbing her neck (which is what we do when we see the real giraffes) so of course being the type of mom that I am, I went back to the family room and dragged Zoe through the house for snack time with A.

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