Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mucinex In...Mucux Out!

You know that feeling when you wake up and you know something is wrong. Well, it happened to me this morning. I woke up from my NightQuil induced coma, and looked over at the clock. Crap! It was 8am...and I hadn't heard the baby yet. Now, she consistently gets up between 7:02-7:14 every single morning, so everything goes rushing through my brain. Did I go get her in my drug induced state and put her in bed with me? I check under the covers and nothing. Not that I have ever done that before but who knows that these drugs will do to your mind! Did my dog suddenly turn into Carl (you know the book) and get A up and changed and fed? Nope, Preston is asleep on the floor. Did my husband not go to work this morning and secretly has A playing quietly downstairs? I launch out of bed, still a bit wobbly and head downstairs. There is my beautiful baby girl, sitting in her highchair, covered in cream cheese and a huge grin. I breath a sign of relief and give A an air kiss before trying to focus my eyes on my husband who is over by the sink, hunched over, looking a putrid shade of green. "I just wanted you to sleep in a bit, do you feel better?" he asks in between dry heaves. Yikes! As I command him to go back to bed....great, I am spreading my germs...and say a silent prayer A has not been contaminated by either of us, it dawns on me how sweet he was being this morning. As a spoon whizzes by my head I am quickly brought back to reality.

Okay, let's assess the situation. The down side...I still feel pretty crappy, and now have a sick husband, too. On the bright side... A looks healthy and has played and had breakfast! I pull her out of her chair and into the family room we go to play, while I make a quick cup of tea. After about 20 minutes, A is ready for her morning nap! Yes! I give her another air kiss and put her in her crib, then run to the office to contact my doctor. Of course my doctor is out today (really?!?) so I am contacted with the on-call doctor who recommends mucinex and fluids. Great, I think to myself, this is not going to go well.

When A wakes up we reluctantly head to Rite Aid to get the mucinex and then onto the vet with Preston. What can I say, she needed her nails clipped and I knew the fish tank in the office would entertain A better than I could at that time.

By the time we get home, I slug down a mucinex and get lunch going. A is being so good today...like she knows we don't feel well, she eats her lunch quickly and neatly and is actually excited when we head upstairs for a nap, yelling, "night-night" the whole way up the stairs.

As my head hits the pillow about 30 seconds after I closed A's door I hope for a miracle...and I get one! I am not saying I feel great, but I would say good! I can't believe this stuff. If they didn't already have that big green mucus family representing the product, I would call the company and become the official spokesperson!

So, the day turned out well, and I only have 6 more hours till I can take my next two magic mucus pills!

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