Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Crazy Things I See In A Day

Yesterday was one of those days where you see the craziest things!

First A and I dropped by Smyth to pick up the jar we had engraved for our friend's house-warming gift. Not only did we wait in the wrong line for 5 minutes, which can actually seem like an hour when you have a squirming toddler desperately trying to escape your grasp; but when we got in the correct line we had another 3 minutes to wait.  As I lost the fight and let A down to walk around, scooping  her up again when she got more than 5 feet from me, I glance to my right. Up at the counter is another mom, struggling with her 3 year old who thinks swinging from the velvet ropes that blocked off the line is more fun than staying up late. As I scoop A up again and relocate her back in front of me, I look over again at the little girl who is now trying to climb up the counter where her mom is being helped. Apparently the mom didn't think swinging from the ropes was a great idea.

When the little girl can't make it up over the counter she starts crying and wiggling on the floor. Granted I am pretty new to the whole temper tantrum business, but I would say it was a pretty weak attempt. Anyway, the mom is clearly loosing patients, and sits her daughter down at her feet, where she is still crying but no more wiggling. Then the most absurd thing happens...the lady who is being helped next to the mom at the counter, reaching into the candy bowl, pulls out a lollypop and hands it to the little girl! WHAT! Who does that!?!? Once the mom picked her jaw up from the floor, she managed to remove the lollypop from her daughter's hand and thrust it back to the lady with nothing more than a fake smile. I had to turn around at this point to keep from laughing out loud, but I did make a mental note to remember this situation in case some random person ever tries to give A  candy. Good job, mystery mom!

As if that wasn't enough, when I was heading into work last night (I teach grad school), our security guard was biking around the parking lot, like always patrolling the area. Normally I just give him a wave on my way into the building, but tonight I literally stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the contraption he had created. First of all, these guards have to wear helmets when they are know, setting a good example for the students. But he had somehow rigged his helmet strap with some string and what looked like duck tape, and made a little pocket for his cell, and was chatting away as he leisurely biked around the lot. Oh no, Mr. Security guard was not spending money on a silly Bluetooth, I mean why bother when you can rig up something that creative. Snaps for the security guard....wish I was a faster thinker and took a picture...Ellen would love that (and yes, I am talking about Ellen DeGeneres, hey cut me some slack, I am a stay at home mom). Maybe I can stalk him down next week and get a picture :)

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