Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Leaf

It is amazing, that one tiny little leaf can keep our daughter occupied for such a long time. Yesterday was the most beautiful spring day, tipping the thermometer at 81 degrees; so it only seemed right to get out and enjoy the sunshine. So when A woke up from her nap we decided that a trip to the tot lot was in order.

First, we had to find the sunscreen...which luckily was not expired yet because we needed some for our trip to the islands at Christmas. Did you know that supposedly sunscreen loses half its SPF after one year? Could be false...but I heard it (probably on the Today Show) and it stuck with me. So after I realized what this summer will be like lubing up a wiggling, squealing little girl, while trying to keep most of the sunscreen on her arms and legs, not on her hands, walls, changing pad, and everywhere else she wanted to rub it, we dug out shorts and a t-shirt, and headed to the playground!

I know A is still a bit young for the playground, but it doesn't mean she doesn't still want to try everything. She dives off the equipment, tumbles head first down the slide, and tries to tip out of the baby swing. But today, it was not the playground that held her interest the longest...it was a leaf.

A loves to just run around on the grass next to all the playground equipment, which I love of course, since it is the safest place for her to play! So while she was running all about, she found a leaf; one tiny leaf, left over from the fall, and she couldn't get enough of it. It was a bit breezy yesterday too, so A would tear off pieces of the leaf and let them rush past her through the air. I couldn't get over the delight and excitement on A's face when she would tear off a little piece and let it go, then rush after it and catch it on the ground.

It is amazing how something I see everyday can be so special and new to her.
Bye Bye Playground!
Daily Mom

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