Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Better Luck Next Year

So, I am sure you are wondering how the Easter egg hunt went...well I wouldn't say it was her best work. Let me give you a little time line. We woke up at our regular time, around 7am, then had breakfast, played and headed off to church at 9am. After an hour juggling her around and playing with her cousins, we piled back in the car and made our way to my sister's house. Luckily A caught some shut eye on the way out there for about 15 minutes which greatly improved her declining mood. When we arrived, my sister had a mini Easter egg hunt, which A did pretty well in, considering we were outside (we did not train properly for the outdoor element and distractions)...good thing A's hunt at the club would be inside :)

My sister had rigged her hunt for her three girls to find a surprise bunny rabbit (oh yes, a real one) as their Easter present. I mean how much cuter does it get than getting a bunny for Easter. After the kids located the bunny and everyone held, pet, and snuggled Jelly Bean (the bunny's new name), we packed back in the car for the short trip to brunch around 11am.

If it were an eating contest, A would have dominated. She took down a huge chicken finger, steamed carrots, a plate of fruit, a large ravioli, and a human size croissant. Hey, I didn't say it was the healthiest brunch, but she was happy. After her belly couldn't hold anymore, we made our way outside to wait for directions for the egg hunt. As we look over and see lots of colorful eggs hidden in bushes and potted plants my blood pressure rises. We didn't practice for an outdoor Easter egg hunt, and we certainly did not practice for the eggs being hidden anywhere but on the ground. I make a mental note to factor that in to next year's egg hunting practice and chalk this one up.

After a bit of a grouchy A got all decked out for the hunt, ears and all, we make our way over.

As Brian shouted, three, two, one, go....A was already miles behind the other 2 and 3 year olds. Ha, this is not turning out to be a fair hunt...so I do what any mom would...I pick her up and shuffle her past her competition to the far end of the hunt to grab some eggs. I felt a little badly at first, but then a dad of another small tot followed suit, and we cleaned up the far end! As our basket was getting pretty heavy (with her 4 eggs) and it was already almost 1:30pm (an hour and a half past her typical nap) we said our good bye's and made out way to the stairs to collect the rest of our goodies inside.

That is when it happened...the Easter Bunny made an appearance. Now, as you can guess from the time I have a very tired, and rather hot 1 year old in my arms. As if in slow motion, I dart for the outside staircase to avoid a bunny sighting and imminent meltdown when I am blocked by two of the oldest human beings alive. Since their accessories included a cane and an oxygen tank, I wait as they slowly made their way down the stairs. By this time the Easter Bunny is closing in hard on our location. I shift A to the other hip, and tuck her head...seconds too late. She sees the EB looming mere inches from her and starts bawling. Saying excuse me, as loudly as possible, in the hopes their hearing-aids will pick up my voice, I squeeze in-between the railing and the oxygen tank, hoping over the cane, and take the stairs two at a time, leading us to safety.

Phew, I need another 12 months before I can take this again.

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