Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our Zoo Day!

I am not sure who loves the zoo more, A or me. Since it has been raining a lot over the past few weeks, we decided to really capitalize on this beautiful day and head to the zoo. So I called up one of my girlfriends and we packed lunch for the kiddies and decided to meet at 10am.

We pulled in around 10:15, which is massively impressive since we were due to meet at 10, and my gf and her little boy pulled in seconds later. After we got the kids out of the car and into their strollers, we took off on our zoo adventure. Remember how I said it was the first nice day in a while...yeah, the zoo was a little busy. After we got through the main entrance, not an easy feat, we hurried past about 5 different school field trips towards the polar bears. It seemed like a good place to start since it is on the furthest end of the park, and this way we could work our way backwards. The kids were not really into the two large white lumps laying on the rocks that we were pointing at and saying "bears", so we kept moving. We decided to hit the petting zoo next, since we figured most field trips would do that last, once the kids were a bit tired.

The petting zoo is amazing! There are donkeys, who stick their necks over and eat the crumbs out of your stroller, chickens, who come right up to the fence so you can get a good look, cows, pigs, sheep, and the best part of all....a goat pen with about 15 little goats just walking around waiting for you to come in and pet them. Of course A could not wait! The minute I unstrapped her from the stroller she tore off towards the goats. She investigated their bucket of hay, brushed one on the back with the little brush, and was in awe at the little brown and white goat chasing her around.

They also have some old western saddles and tractors for the kids to ride at the end of the petting zoo, so of course we had to stick them in for a quick picture! How cute are they!

Once they were good and tired we made our way over to see the giraffes before our picnic lunch. Now, I am not sure if you know this but A is completely obsessed with giraffes. Most of the animals we saw today got a wave or a smile, but the giraffes got a double wave and body wiggle. It is so cute how much she loves them! Unfortunately, it was getting to be lunch time, so we set up shop and let the kids have their lunch together on the blanket. Once again, that waterproof blanket came in handy!

After about two hours of looking at, playing with, and touching animals it was time to head back home. So we reluctantly got the kids all packed up and headed towards the cars. We did make a quick stop by the zebras and ostriches on our way out, so show them just one more exhibit!

Phew, I think today is going to be naptime for everyone :)

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