Friday, April 1, 2011

Oh No!

Today started out great! I had a hard workout with my mom, then came home to a napping child, giving me a second to change before our day went into full swing. Friday is music class day, which is one of A's favorite activities! I am sure I have talked about music before and how much fun they have playing with the instruments. Yes, she can actually strum a guitar now!

So as A and I pull into the church parking lot where music class is held and hoped out of the car, looking adorable of course. No, not me silly...A looked adorable, a little Gap poster child. She didn't throw her sippy cup at me, or try to wiggle out of my arms on the walk inside, and we were actually a few minutes early, what a morning!

Then I saw it...Sharing Day is Today! NO! I knew about sharing day for the past few weeks and had even picked out A's favorite little blue elephant rattle to bring to class so she could have her first sharing time. But guess where that elephant home. I check my watch, did I have time to run home and get it. If I made all the lights we would only be a few minutes late, but what if we missed the sharing time, since you know it has to be first thing. No kid can be expected to bring something to share and then not have the chance to share it right away.

After another calculation I knew we couldn't make it. I had failed as a parent! A's first sharing opportunity and I had forgotten her elephant rattle. So of course I over think I going to be the parent who is coming into her school every morning with the forgotten lunch? Will my kid be the one who doesn't know it is a dress down day, or wear purple day, or crazy sock day!?!?

 About 2 minutes into a good hyperventilating, I manage to calm myself down and chalk it up to our first time. And just in case you were wondering, that elephant is packed securely in my diaper bag, for share time next week!

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