Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Cousin Playdate!

Today, I realized just how fast they really do grow up! After a few errands this morning, A and I headed to my sister's house to play with her daughter, who is 6 month younger than A. My little pumpkin was loving being in a whole new playroom, although they have a lot of the same toys, it is always more exciting to play with them at someone else's house. And for the first time I could really see what a big girl A is now. She was picking up all the toys she could find and then "sharing" them with her cousin. And by sharing she was thrusting them out and dropping them in her cousin's lap. But hey, she had the idea! It was too cute watching them laugh and babble at each other.
A is giving kisses to her cousin's dolphin!

It also made me realize what trouble they are going to get in when they are in school. I literally had one of those moments when everything gets wavy and it flashes ahead 15 years...and trust me it was not pretty. It went a little like this...The girls come bounding downstairs in outfits that they are certainly not leaving the house in, and my sister and I are sitting on the couch chatting and having some wine. As we are trying to explain to our daughters they are not wearing acceptable outfits, they begin going off about how all their friends dress like this, and we just don't understand. Some mild begging and a few tears later, they agree to change and head back upstairs for round two. At this point my sister and I clink our glasses and swear we were never this bad as teens.

I think I will keep A as a sweet little 1 year old forever!

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