Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sherwood Gardens

There is nothing I like more than Sherwood Gardens. It is the most beautiful piece of serene park right in the middle of the most beautiful neighborhood in the city. I mean, honestly, how can there be a piece of land this beautiful in the middle of the city. Plus, it is a bit of a secret, since it is pretty tricky to get to, only the locals know about it :)

So as we packed a picnic lunch, our favorite Bed Bath and Beyond blanket (that sadly is not really waterproof anymore), the ball, and called A's cousins to meet us, we knew we were in for a treat!

Daily Mom


  1. Super cute photos! I can't wait until things start to bloom here; I miss the colours!!


  2. Beautiful pics! I am following your blog now and would love if you would follow mine too! I am the stay-at-home mom of a four-year-old boy and a 16-month old girl, and sometimes I feel like the walls of my house are closing in on me! Your pictures were beautiful and inspiring, as it is raining outside my window right now... can't wait for my little darlings to be wandering through the flowers! I would love it if you would follow me back -- I am new here and looking to network -- we SAHMs need to be here for each other!

    Smiles, Jenn http://misadventuresinmotherhood.com


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