Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Pizza Dinner

My sister and her two big kids were in NYC for the day so my husband, A, and I hung out with my brother-in-law and their youngest daughter, Cate, who is 2 1/2. You would have thought they were siblings with all the laughing, crying, hitting, pushing, and screaming they did today.

This morning was great. We all walked over to see the goats at their neighbor's house then came back to play with Cate's Little People Animals before lunch. Nothing too catastrophic happed during their morning playdate, except the fact A is not allowed to have any animal that Cate wanted...which was all of them. Then it was time for lunch where they passed a peanut butter sandwich and peaches back and forth, eventually resulting in two clean trays! I think Cate might have eaten most of the lunch today, but A held her own! Then it was time to take A home for a nap before meeting up for a pizza dinner at one of our favorite (and super kid friendly) places, Italian Gardens.

After nap time we agreed to meet at the fountain and have some pizza. Now, I assumed this would go just as the morning had...fairly well! The girls love each other and have so much fun playing and "talking". However, A decided all she wanted to tell Cate tonight was, "NO". I hear what you are bad can a few no's be from a 1 year old. Well apparently pretty terrible! Maybe it had something to do with the fact that A would lean over in her booster, give Cate the stink eye, then yell NO very loudly right at her...while staring at her with the stink eye the entire time. This occurred about every 30 seconds for the first 10 minutes, before Cate started getting pretty ticked off. Hey, I don't blame her, it was starting to annoy me too :)

After about a half hour of this, with Cate now on the verge of tears, and yelling No back at A the whole time, I had to try to gently explain to Cate, that although she might not totally remember, A was pretty annoying to Cate as a little kid, pulling her hair, and not always cooperating when Cate wanted to play Mommy and A was her baby doll; and that she in fact was often the one telling A "NO" for the past year. It is pretty difficult to explain to a 2 1/2 year old that if they always say a word to someone, that person might just start repeating it back.

Well, without too many more no's we made it through a super fun pizza dinner and already have a sleeping little girl tucked soundly in her bed...all tired out from her night of "no".

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