Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dear Easter Bunny....

For our adventure today we decided it would be fun to go and meet the Easter Bunny. Just to give you a little background, we have been prepping for Easter for about two weeks. We bought the little plastic eggs and have been setting up Easter egg hunts for A each day. At first she would pick up one egg and turn it over in her little hand enjoying the, we cannot have any of that if we plan on dominating during the Easter egg hunt this week, so we have been training her. She can now pick up a whole pack of eggs, one at a time and drop them into her dumb truck (yes, we thought practicing with a basket would be a bit over kill) in about two minutes. She is going to crush all those other one year olds! :) Did I mention we are a bit competitive? Huh, well now you know.

So back to our day....we arrive at  Kenilworth at 11:30 to get some lunch and then get in line for our picture with the Easter Bunny. We had been talking about it all morning, in the car on the way there, over lunch, and while we were looking at the fountain. Ha, this will be a cinch! A ran right up to the Easter Bunny's chair this morning before he arrived and was practically pulling down the plastic fence to get bad could this really go? Well, let me tell you, my child does not like the Easter Bunny. Not even a little.

After waiting in line for what seemed like 3 hours, in reality it was about 8 minutes, it was our turn! I set A down to walk over when she was ready, and she headed right over. Then she looked up and saw this giant white monster with a plastic face and stopped dead in her tracks. I guess the Easter Bunny looked a little bigger when we were right up next to him. I picked her up and we went over and gave the EB a high five...well, I did as A watched. I even petted it's ears, but nothing, she wouldn't even reach out a little finger, let alone crack a smile. I am sure I can get her to smile, I thought as I set her in the EB's lap. That is when she looked over her shoulder and LOST IT. I am not talking little tears, the kid is petrified. Naturally the camera man snapped a shot as I raced over to save her from a lifetime of scarring.

As we headed home with our token snap shot, all I could focus on was if this rabid bunny would affect her performance in the egg hunt. Note-to-self...if there is an Easter Bunny near the egg hunt area...take him down!

Happy Easter!
Daily Mom

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