Monday, April 4, 2011

Do Stay At Home Mom's Get Sick Days?

So I am sick. I don't get sick often, but when I do my body wants to make sure it really gets its money's worth. It started with a sore throat, then went to nasal congestion, then a full on sinus headache, and now I am sneezing, coughing, and pretty unattractive.

But in all honesty, who cares! It is not like my husband is going to stay home from his job (the one actually paying the bills) so I can do what...stay in bed, but secretly listen to all the fun they are having and (no offense, honey if you are reading this) but everything he is doing differently, you know, just "not like mommy does it". No, I am certainly not. As I mentioned before, I have the patience of a mother in a candy store, and the attention span of a 7 month old. Not a super great combination for sitting around all day and not involving myself in the family workings.

So, although I never thought I would say this, I am hoping for a rainy day so my plan for tomorrow doesn't seem to weird and out of the normal. First we will start with a big breakfast of homemade French toast. I even bought challah bread today at the grocery store...thinking ahead! Then when A is really full, I will put her down for her morning nap. If I can get her just full enough, she will avoid the massive blowout and take a 1 1/2 morning nap. Here's hoping :) At that time, I also will take a morning siesta. No need to shower, I don't plan of venturing too far into the public eye. After our morning nap, we will play in our very safe playroom, where I will put the gate up before laying on the floor for our new game of "try and wake mommy". When this gets old, I plan on pulling out all stops and reading some books to A in bed. Always a hit for at least 30 minutes. Then it will be on to lunch and my all time favorite, afternoon nap. Yep, I will be in the room next door napping, if A should need me! Around 3:30 A will wake up and we will have a snack. You read correctly, I did say we. Then I will take her for a walk around our yard, since she will need some fresh air. But remember, not too far since I haven't seen the shower, or probably even a brush, yet. After our walk, she will want to play some more with her favorite kitchen in our family room, as I can again sit on the floor and play defense against any bodily harm. If everything goes as planned about 30 minutes after we enter the playroom, Daddy should walk through the door, for a pass off.

After, I plan on popping some more cold meds and regrouping before dinner, bath and bed time.

Wish me luck!

Daily Mom

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