Thursday, April 28, 2011

From Bad To...Great!

Isn't it funny how some days you think are going to go all wrong, turn out to be pretty good....well today was one of those days. It started off this morning great. A and I were off to the mall to meet for Stroller Strides (our workout group) and since we were early I had time to run into the Apple store to get a new case for my iphone, since my old one broke. We headed into Apple and found the cutest Kate Spade black with polka dot case! As I squeal "yes" to A and show her the new case I do a mental fist pump, task 1 of our day...check! Then one of the 50 Apple employees comes up to me and informs me (in a not super nice tone) that if I was picking that out for my phone it was useless...since it is only compatible with the iphone 4. Drats, I really liked this one. I ask him to show me the options for the "old iphone" as he referred to my poor little phone, and he pointed to two very ugly cases.
 "That is all!" I exclaim in a pretty hostile tone?!?
 "Yes; everyone else has upgraded to the 4".  (That must be cool man speak for the iphone 4)
Ha, likely story buddy. As I begrudgingly pick up one of the ugly cases to purchase, since the plastic on my broken case is super sharp and I have already cut myself, I am not chancing it with A who loves to carry my phone around. *Yes, I know. I also read the article in the recent Parenting Magazine about the harmful effects of letting children carry around cell phone, but seriously, it will be harmful to my hearing if she doesn't get it when she wants it. I am going to take my chances with the un-researched claims of radiation. *

Anyway...I unzip my diaper bag and reach in for my wallet when I is still in the bag I took to work last night. Crap! Oh well, I can manage with a broken case for a little longer. I retreat empty handed from the Apple store and head to my workout.

Kate is teaching today...oh joy...we are going to die! 1 hour later I am sweaty and already sore, as my GF's and I figure out what we are going to do for our weekly (Thursday) playdate and lunch. Since it is raining we opt for Tiny Town and lunch at Nordstrom's Cafe. Remembering I do not have my wallet, I run out to the parking lot to get my emergency TCBY fund that I keep in a little compartment in my car. Now, most people would have about 5 dollars in their emergency frozen yogurt fund...but not me, I have $20. Stop judging...let me explain. There is this new TCBY store that is opening soon near me that is self-serve. Do you understand?!? I control how much yogurt and toppings go into my cup, so with this in mind, $20 seems more reasonable now, don't you think :)

Anyway, we head down to Tiny Town and let the kids run around among the other 400 children who also thought Tiny Town would be fun on this rainy day. After about 30 minutes we get fed up with our kids being pushed, shoved, and used as stepping stools, so we pack them up again and make our way to Nordstrom's.

Once we are all settled into our nice little table in the back, with plastic sticky placemats for all the kids (pink for the girls of course, and tough ones for the boys) our lunch arrives.

 I bet you are wondering why my day, without a wallet and with rain turned out so great...let me tell you. I learned the most amazing thing today. Nordstrom's Cafe accepts Nordstrom's gift cards! Since, I always carry a Nordstrom's gift card with me (yep, always) I enjoyed a yummy lunch with my daughter and our friends and was still able to tuck that emergency $20 back in my car for TCBY!

All in all, I would say this turned out to be a pretty successful day...and the sun is coming out now, too!  

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