Monday, April 18, 2011

Ball or Petals...

Today was supposed to be a rainy day, but it held off and turned out to be the most beautiful spring day. So obviously, after nap time  A and I headed outside to play. Now of course I brought her ball out, since it is her favorite toy, but today was a complete toss-up between the ball and the petals that had fallen from our magnolia tree. A could not decide which was more fun...picking up the half rotten petals and showing me, or throwing and kicking her ball around. Let's just say this afternoon was filled with a lot of picking up and kicking! petal

Let me get this one here...

No, I want my ball...oh look at that petal!

No, you are the best!

Wow...that petal is pretty...

Kick, kick, kick

So small, yet so beautiful!

I wonder how many I can hold?

Ewww....that one was squishy.

I love my ball!

I can only hope she always appreciates the simple things in life...

Daily Mom

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