Sunday, May 29, 2011

Our Bilingual Pooch

There are times when my husband really gets on my nerves, and then there are times like this morning when we loaded A up in her stroller, lassoed the dog, and headed out for a walk. A little background on our dog, Preston...she is a 6 year old yellow lab that acts like a 6 month old on crack. She has always had A LOT of energy, to the point we would have to take her for at least four one-mile walks each day to have a somewhat subdued animal. A direct quote from my mom when I was pregnant with A was, "you better get rid of that dog before the baby comes or she will knock the baby down on the cement when she is 3 months old and kill it". We didn't know what kind of baby we were getting hence the "it" comment...but regardless, those were my mom's feelings regarding our dog. I admit it, our pooch is pretty crazy, but proved us wrong and is so sweet and gentle with A.

So back to my main point....we were just leaving our driveway for a nice long walk, when my husband turned to me and said...

Hubby: "Babe, I don't think Preston is purposely a bad dog who doesn't listen."
Me: "Okay, elaborate."
Hubby: "I think she just doesn't speak English!"

After telling her some commands in Spanish, French, and "Alaskan" (I told her to mush), with no response from the dog, we decided she maybe speaks German. Here's to learning a new language and pretending our dog is still perfect!

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  1. Have you read (or seen the movie - is it out yet, I don't even know) Water for Elephants? Maybe she speaks Polish? Perhaps A and Preston can learn English together? :-)


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