Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!

Today was a zoo day... Well at least that is what I thought as I was packing lunch, milk in A's newly arrived sippy cup (thank you amazon for your speedy delivery), getting us both cleaned up, dressed, and lubed up with sunscreen. We decided not to break from tradition today, so we met in our usual lot at 10am.

 I hauled our stroller out of the car (okay, of our strollers), crammed our lunch box underneath, and grabbed A from the car. That took me what, about 3 minutes? Yeah, about...and I had already sweat though my shirt! To say it was hot out today did not do the weather gods any justice. Sure, it was in the mid 80's at 10am, but the worst part was the 86% humidity that fell over you like a bomb shelter blanket. You know the nasty, scratchy, gray wool ones? Uh, it was gross.

But like the dedicated parents we are, we headed towards the zoo entrance anyway!

We made it to the petting zoo and let the kids out to play with the goats before whipping through "Africa" and yelling "hello" to the giraffes as we called it a day. I think it could go down in history as one of our shortest zoo trips yet. So, despite our best effort, we packed our sweaty kids in the car and headed back for lunch in the AC.

All I have to say is thank goodness we have a membership, so I didn't just wipe my actual sweat with my proverbial $20 bill.

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