Monday, May 2, 2011

A Little Trip to Babies R Us

Today was one of those days that I really can't believe actually happened. Everything was going great until nap time when I realized we were completely out of Plum Organics squeezies (yes, that is what we actually call them...squeezies). So naturally I did what any mom would do...I called Babies R Us and made sure they were offering them 10 for $10. Tamika said they were on sale, so when A got up from her nap we packed up some milk and a few bunny grahams and headed on over.

I should have realized something was off when we walked into Babies R Us. Maybe it was the consistent beep every few second as I loaded A into the shopping cart and clipped her in, or maybe it was the utter quiet that is so apparent you can't miss it, or maybe it was the fact that only a few lights were on in each department. Nope...none of it made any bells go off in my head.  

I headed over to the baby food aisle and was a bit annoyed when there were no 10 for $10 stickers on the Plum Organics. Naturally, I made my way back Customer Service and waited for about 5 minutes while the two ladies behind the counter tried to return a bottle warmer the customer in front of me had brought back. When they realized they had no idea what they were doing, they called in their manager. The odds are pretty good right now, three employees and only two customers at the counter...right? Apparently, no. A few minutes later however, the manager finally agreed to give me the 10 for $10 discount (even though it wasn't listed) since the employee had told me that was the deal over the phone. Nice! Let's get shopping!

Now, I am not typically someone who is overly prepared. My sister, however, is! If you go over to her house and look in their basement, you will find what my husband and I like to call the "bomb shelter". They have everything from fake fruit to cases of waters, and everything in between. So when I was over there the other day playing with A and my sister's little munchkin I happened to be in the kitchen and see her supply of Plum Organics. She had (and I am not exaggerating) 100 packs of baby food...and her kid can't even eat them all yet! :)

So in the spirit of my sister, I thought, why not, let's stock up! Normally when Babies R Us has these deals, it is at the end of their stock so there are not a lot of options. Today, however the shelves were stocked. I bought 50 pouches of food :) Talk about being prepared for anything, oh yeah!

So, let's go back to the beginning...remember when I walked in and something just wasn't right...well turns out BG&E had blown a surge something or another in the area and the power was out, Babies R Us was working only on generators. No big deal right...wrong again. The computers were down and they had to enter ever item, and it's skew, by hand. I found this out when A and I pulled our very full cart into the one checkout lane that was open and Berta staggered out from behind the cash register and sighed as she looked in our cart and doubled over laughing. I guess she wasn't really into writing all these up today?!?

Berta didn't bother me at all, and I even helped her out by pulling out one of each packet I got. A, on the other hand did not like her one little bit. She took one look at her and her crooked teeth and loud noises and burst out in tears. While I am wrestling A from literally climbing up my neck, and trying to help Berta log these in...the power came back on!

Phew. I thought A could use a little playground time after a very traumatizing experience with Berta, so I loaded up our Plum Organics and off we went...

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  1. A is beautiful and obviously is not camera shy!!! I just went through your whole blog and just love it. You definitely have some out of the ordinary days and I love that you are sharing them for us to enjoy!!! Thanks again for introducing me to your blog.


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