Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Battle Lost...A War Won.

So we went over to my sister's house this weekend for a BBQ. We were having a blast, playing with bubbles, balls, and an assortment of her younger cousin's toys that we laid out on the blanket, when A spots her cousin's sippy cup. Now, don't think I was being a crappy mom this weekend and forgot her sippy cup, oh no, A's sippy cup was right in her hand when this all occurred.

 So, as A spots the new cup (one we shockingly do not have in our house) she went right for it. Since they are cousins and neither of us are too concerned with germs, the girls often share, which is exactly what A did...she went up and grabbed the cup out of her poor little cousin's hand and started chugging. Who cares right? Yeah, that is what I thought until I tried to pry the cup out of her tiny little fingers. She wanted nothing to do with her sippy cup, only her cousins.

No big deal I thought as I headed into my sister's kitchen and grabbed another identical sippy cup out of the drawer. Using her cousin's fancy new cup, A dominated her milk. She even double fisted her cup and her cousin's which is quite a skill to have acquired at such a young age...I don't think I could manage that till college!

Since it was getting pretty late I quickly packed up A, my husband, and my in-laws who were staying with us, and headed home without realizing A still had her cousin's cup in her hand. When we got home I cleaned up the remaining food and debris off A, threw the sippy cup in the dishwasher, and put her to bed.

The next morning, when A came downstairs for her milk and breakfast, she headed right over to the drawer where her sippy cups are located to pick out which one she wanted. This is something she does each morning, and again after nap time...she loves being in control of her choices (something that is already starting to come back and bit me in the a#$). After going through each cup, picking it up and shaking her head as she said "no", we were out of options. There was one stray cup in the dish rack from the day before so I presented that one to her too...again another "no". After explaining to a whining child that she was out of options, I remembered her cousin's cup in the dishwasher. I pulled out the still dirty cup and she yelled, "yeah!". So I washed it out and poured her milk into the cup. That was on saturday....A has not used another cup since! She refuses to touch any of her other sippy cups, so being the responsible mom that I am, and knowing I cannot keep hand washing her cup, I went onto Amazon and paid my $4.99 for a two pack of identical cups. Hey, if she will drink her milk, $4.99 is a small price to pay. 

Here's to losing all control, one sippy cup battle at a time :)

Daily Mom


  1. Coincidentally, that very sippy cup (according to your pictures) is the very same one my daughter insists on using. In fact, we went to visit a friend this weekend and we came home with an extra one because her son doesn't like it at all and Babe's cup is so mangled that it's not "spill proof" anymore. She was very kind to give it to us and every day since I have had to hand wash it so she can use it. I might just have to splurge on Amazon too!

  2. Hi from TMC! A is adorable!

    What brand of sippy is that? We're having a hard time finding one my son will take, and I'm about done with bottles.


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