Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My BIG Little Girl

So, I think I tell A what to do too way much. Today, we had our usual workout, and since it was raining out we stayed at the mall and went to tiny town with her buddy, E, and some other friends. As I was dodging kids and trying to keep up with A's new running pace, I listened to myself for a little bit. I know this seems weird, I mean how often do you actually listen to yourself actually talk, not just all the crazy thoughts that run through your head? Same, I think this was my first time. Anyway, as I was chasing A all around it dawned on me that I tell her what to do, and I tell her "no" a lot. Here is a breakdown of our conversation...
Me: Be carefully, babe.
A: yeah (she pretty much says this to whatever I ask her)
Me: A, watch out for that!
A: grunt, and dodge
Me: No, sweetie, we go up the stairs and down the slide...not up the slide.
A: ignores me
Me: Oop...slow down
A: crash
Me: No, A, we don't push
A: pushes
Me: Remember, we don't go up the slide
A: slips down the slide she has managed to climb partially up
Me: Why don't you come over here.
A: ignores me
Me: Look, A, want to go through the tunnel
A: runs over to the slide
Me: Watch out, the little boy wants to go down
A: ignores me
Me: Come on over here...No, no, that is not our stroller
A: grabbing some kids snack
Me: Sorry (to the mom), come on A, let's go play
A: having fun, annoyed with me being all up in her business
Me: Exhausted

So, needless-to-say the morning was so much fun, but I think more stressful than necessary. I think my little girl is growing up and needs to figure out life on her own (while being supervised, of course) a little bit more.

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  1. That's an exact duplicate of my conversations with my daughter! I too have been trying to give her more space and not be that mom who yells across the playground. I really do believe she'll learn best by figuring it out on her own. It's just REALLY hard to put that into practice!


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