Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Next Stroller

So, we live in a very un-diverse neighborhood. Everyone is our neighborhood is between their 20's and 40's, most with small children, and majority of moms stay at home. This would make sense why our tot lot (our neighborhood playground) is packed in the morning with moms and kids swinging, playing in the sand box, and having picnics. Likewise, in the afternoon you will see the moms back, looking a little less energetic, and you might even catch a few stray dads on those nice spring days, playing hooky from work.

As A and her two little friends where playing away before our lunch picnic, you can imagine our surprise when a very elderly Asian man was there with (who we could only assume was) his granddaughter, a small little Asian girl around 5 years old. Since he stood out among the other moms we watched him push her on the swing and then spot her as she made her way up the steep stairs of the slide.

After a few minutes our attention focused back to our kids and we kept playing. There were having so much fun kicking the soccer ball, pushing trucks, and playing in the tunnel we lost track of the little old man. As the time ticked dangerously close to lunch time, we opened our trusty, sort-of waterproof blankets, and spread out the kids' lunches. Right as they were finishing their cheese sticks and pushing their sandwiches out of the way, we see it...

Out of the corner of our eyes we see the adorable little Asian man pushing his granddaughter home in a shopping cart. Oh yes, you can picture it...think 5 year old surfing in a cart in the produce section, then take away the grocery store and the produces, and just picture a little hunched over man slowing making his way up the road with his granddaughter and an umbrella.

Daily Mom


  1. Haha! That is too funny. I think I'll keep my Bugaboo tho!

  2. Oh I wish you had gotten a picture of that! By the time you picked your jaw up off the floor he was probably gone! Too bad!


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