Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Really, What Gives!?!?

So my daughter is petrified of the tub. This started about three days ago, without any sort of trauma (no Berta, no nothing). We just went to have our daily tub after dinner, and she screamed like I had just put her in boiling water. Of course I checked the water temperature, like 4 times! I can't figure it out. One day she love the tub, the next A is petrified of it. Really?!? I read online (since obviously I was Googling the s%#^ out of it) that it could be a developmental thing due to her age (anywhere from 12-16 months). Ugg...this is really putting a damper on bed time. Anyone have any suggestions?!?

Daily Mom  


  1. My oldest did this for a while too. I just kept at it and she went back to the being a water bug in no time. I thought it was really odd because she LOVES the bath, it was her first sign! It quickly passed. I hope it goes the same for your little one!

  2. My youngest went through a phase where she would get in the tub but wouldn't sit down and would throw a fit if you made her. It passed pretty quickly. It helped that her older brother was in with her. Perhaps you can make it a mommy and me time and get in with her? (Because I'm sure that's the most practical solution.)


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