Friday, May 13, 2011

I'll Discover Your Port

No, I am not being a dirty bird...we went to Port Discovery for our weekly playdate with my GF's and their kids! I cannot even begin to describe how much fun we had, and I am so annoyed my blog about this got deleted (some problems with the blog site I guess) but I will try to sum it up...again.

Basically Port Discover (PD) is a huge three story building with rooms and rooms for kids to explore, discover, poke, pull, and climb. There even is a section specifically for kids two and under! I am not doing it any justice describing it, but A is starting to wake up from her nap and I want to get the pictures up!

First we went to the Water Room, which is made up of a giant water table for the kids to splash around and play in...obviously amazing for a small child. When they walked in, they got to pick out a raincoat to wear to avoid looking like little drown rats at the end of the day. While they were adorable and definitely added to the splashing, they had long since lost their waterproof powers. First the kids were a little hesitant, well A was at least, especially considering her recent trauma with the tub, I was pleased she even attempted to play in this room. That was a worry that was soon out the window as she was splashing and squealing up a storm! After about 40 minutes we dragged three sopping wet, and quite tuckered out, kids down to the second room.
Told you the raincoats were adorable!

Stop pointing at me...I am putting my hand in.

Oh, relax; it is just a little water! hehe.

See how much fun this is together!

I LOVE this place!

Next we went to the Tot Zone, which is another area for kids three and under. Here there is a mat area for them to play on, a fish tank, some ramps to explore, a tree house, a little library, a sandbox (we wouldn't let out still dripping kids near) and (lucky for us) they even had story time! They were so tired when we left for the morning, they could hardly stay awake through lunch.
A fish!

Here you go, buddy!

High-five to the cutest girl in the room!

Humm...what else is in here?

Mom, I found a giraffe!

Phew, all this playing is wearing me out.

A and her buddy E, were almost too tired to hold hand after their lunch by the water...which for these two is crazy because they feed each other snack and hold hand every chance they get! They are way too cute sometimes.
Lunch by the water.

"A, take my hand already!"

Hope you were able to catch the post about PD that vanished...I did a much better job explaining!

Have a great weekend!

Daily Mom

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