Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I was looking back to pictures from a year ago, and I cannot believe how much A has changed (and how much she has stayed the same). Mother's Day did not seem very real last year; maybe because I was still in the fog of having a very small, not sleeping child. But this year, I couldn't wait! It is weird to think about how much I learned in one year, and how much we have accomplished as a family. This time last year, I could barely tell you how to put a diaper on correctly, and now I can recite A's schedule, food preferences, vocabulary, like and dislikes, and every little feature of her personality. I probably know more about this little human living in our house, than I do about myself...and I love it!

A and Mommy Mother's Day 2010

Since it was Mother's Day, and my call on what to do all day, I decided a trip to the zoo was in order! Okay, I admit it, I love the zoo as much as A does, and I don't care who knows :)  We had a great time walking around with the goats, even though she took a pretty good tumble (look at her forehead in the picture), watching the penguins splash in their pool, and of course feeding the giraffes. My husband was a little skeptical about feeding them, but I think he secretly loved it in the end!


Our Little Cowgirl!

A was a little sketched out being this close :)

Nap time was a bit shorter than planned!

This is a good distance to see the giraffes!

Cheers to a great Mother's Day!

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