Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Help, I Have a Problem!

Me: (standing up slowly) Umm, Hello. My name is Sarah, and I am a consumer. I recently wanted everything I found online, including this amazing, new diaper bag I saw at Nordstrom's, even though mine is still perfectly good.
Crowd: (applause) Hello, Sarah.
Me: (fidgeting with my hands) Thank you. There is one more thing...I have my credit card memorized. (looking down) The three digit security code, too.
Crowd: (more enthusiastic applause)
Me: Thank you. (sits slowly)

So this is the story of my life...I love afternoon nap-time because it gives me a chance to eat something, pee, and most importantly, shop online. I have posted my top three LUSTS as of today at 1:56pm. Notice I have to be very specific, because with this crazy internet world we live in, I am able to find new items every second.
Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag:
Completely adorable and practical because my PPB diaper bag is a messenger bag, which cuts right across my chest, making my shirts look very unattractive. Plus this one is larger AND can attach right to my stroller! (*see number 3 for a small disclaimer)  Downside: I already have a PPB diaper bag...but you heard my argument above :)

Water Table for A to splash in all summer!
 Hello! Baltimore in the summer is super hot, and you saw how much she loved playing in the water at Port Discovery. Couldn't this be justified over a membership to PD?!? Downside: We have a ton of mosquitoes in our yard.

City Select Double Stroller
 This stroller has it all. Two seats, tandem, to prevent little people from annoying each other, a billion positions for each seat to face, three seat options, regular seat, car seat, and bassinette, and it is so stinkin' cute! I think someone upstairs was trying to play a sick joke on me yesterday....when A and I were at Tiny Town, there was not one, but TWO City Selects (both doubles, I don't waste my time on a single) parked next to our stroller...really people?!? Downside: I do not have two children. Upside: it is essentially a single that you add a second seat onto, so could be good to get used to it with just A. Downside: I have A LOT of strollers already. Upside: I could sell them!

In short...Zulily is my death, Amazon Prime has cost me thousands, is currently blocked from my computer, and gift cards actually speed up my pulse.

Daily Mom (Consumer)


  1. I have a girl crush on you. Just thought you should know!

    Do you know how many posts I have started to write that start with "Hi, my name is Lily and I have a problem." and then I deleted it because I couldn't pull it off just right. You did fabulous and I am jealous! Well done!

    Second, we actually have that water/sand table and by God get yourself on Amazon and purchase it ASAP! It is AWESOME! Hours and HOURS of entertainment. You do need to be careful with mosquitoes but as long as you refresh the water often you'll be ok. Also, if you don't change the water every so often it gets really nasty...just take my word for it. Otherwise, watch Finding Nemo, the part where they succeed in conspiring to get the tank really dirty and then take my advise.

    Unless you absolutely will not be having another child I think you need to get that stroller. I don't have that one but I have a double stroller and it's the best purchase I've ever made!

    I apologize to your bank account for the entirety of this comment.

  2. He he... my addiction is eBay... I just can't stop!!! Fortunately, I sell stuff there too... but I really freaked the other day when I saw my buying total for the past 30 days was $446, and I couldn't even remember what I had bought! Yikes!

    I hear ya!
    Smiles, Jenn

  3. Its a a well written post! Really! I like it! But what in the heck is a nap?

  4. Haha! I so know this feeling. I'm a stroller addict. That looks amazing.

    Also, I have that PPB, and it's so totally worth it ;) I'm not helping, am I?


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