Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Who Am I To Judge

So I was driving home from my workout with my mom this morning, gazing off into the distance, trying to figure out my day in my head, when I look to my left and see a pick-up truck. Yeah, nothing too out of the ordinary, I agree. However, while I am glancing over I see a car seat out of the corner of my, way I think to myself. But as I am coasting gently along side of the truck there is no mistake. There is a car seat in the passenger seat, facing forward, carrying a giggling child who is no more than three.

At first I was in shock...I mean how many adds, doctors, and magazines are there that reiterate the fact that children under 11 years old (at least) are NOT safe in the front seat. But then I got thinking and figured what else are they to do. It was a dad driving, and he looked like he was headed for work (and not the kind where you wear a suit) and his little boy was probably off to daycare or a relative's house. There was no backseat in this truck, or even partial back seat, the window that overlooks the truck bed was directly behind their heads. So, yes, is it safe to transport a child like that...probably not...but who am I to judge a parent who is doing the best they can, and smiling and interacting with their kid at the same time.

Drive safe truck man, and keep laughing with your little boy!

Daily Mom

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  1. So true! It makes me appreciate what I have, and that I can afford to keep my baby as safe as possible!


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