Saturday, May 21, 2011

A New Twist on Date Night

My in-laws are in town this week, so naturally my husband and I took advantage of them being in our house and headed out for a date night last night. A few days ago the chatter around our house turned to finding something to do on date night. Typically we just go to dinner, since we are paying for a sitter at home, but with a free babysitting service we thought we should branch out and do something different!

Here is how our conversation went...

While doing the dishes:
Me: How about bowling?
Hubby: Really?
Me: No, I would rather go to dinner.

Brushing our teeth:
Hubby: How about going to see a movie?
Me: Too tired, I would fall asleep before the good previews started know when it is still the dumb trivia.

Walking the dog (and the baby of course)
Me: How about going to a bar?
Hubby: We would walk into an empty bar at 6:30 at night and want to go home when the first people started arriving at 9pm.
Me: I probably would want to leave before 9:00

Playing with A:
Me: How about getting wasted and finding some horses to ride?
Hubby: no acknowledgement
Me: Do we have any errands we need to do without a baby in tow?
Hubby: Nope

As we are feed A dinner on Friday night (aka date night)
Hubby: How about Kona Grill
Me: Dinner, perfect!

Seriously, we tried...but what is there to do when you are parents: meaning nothing that can involve jail time, too late of a night, anything permanent, or leaving the state? Yeah, I couldn't come up with anything either. We did have a great dinner though, and it was getting late so we brought dessert home to enjoy on the couch :)

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  1. But you got a date night! AWESOME! Who cares if it's the same thing every time! Any time we go out we usually do it in the day light hours because neither of us will be able to stay awake long enough. Our conversations are eerily similar to yours.


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