Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Husband of the Year

I know I just blogged about my day today, but there was a very important, and traumatic part, I left out. If you know me, you know that I love my reusable Starbucks cup (the clear insulated kind) more than life. Well, not more than A's life, but you get my point. I always have it with me, filled with water, coffee, something sparkling (and non-alcoholic, get your mind out of the gutter, I look after a small child all day), coconut water with pineapple (my new obsession), or anything else liquid I am in the mood for. My husband jokes that I can no longer call my Starbucks runs "a treat" since I go 5 out of 7 days a week, but it does not stop me. Sometimes, I will even drive through the drive-through of Starbucks twice if A is asleep in the car...the first time to place my order and drop off my reusable cup and the second to collect my "treat" in my cup!

Well today the unthinkable happened, I went out to the car as usual (in the rain) and quickly got A in her car seat. Then our cute old-lady neighbor from across the street came out and talked to me for a few minutes. Since she is older, I didn't want her to have to come out into the rain from the protection of the big tree in her yard, so I shuffled a few yards towards her. After I could politely say good-bye I hustled back into my car, shaking the rain from my sweatshirt before getting into the driver seat. As A and I pull out from our house and head to our workout, I have a sneaky suspicion I forgot something. About 3 minutes later as I reach down to take a swig of water from my cup, I come up empty handed. CRAP....my cup, which I placed on the back bumper of my car like I do every day, is not in the car. Of course, I went around the front of my car (which I never do) because I was talking to Nana (that is what I call our neighbor) and left my cup on the back bumper. I gingerly pull the car over and hopefully jump out to check the bumper...but it is bare.

As I frantically call home and have my mother-in-law check around outside our house, I know it is a lost cause. A few minutes later, as my husband is leaving for work he sends me this picture with the caption, "I found your cup".

It wasn't originally this bad, he told me, but as he was pulling over to get a picture of my slightly cracked cup, a huge van roars past him and runs it over again, splintering the hard plastic and flinging the lid and straw. Obviously, I was super upset, and as I am trying to get through my workout (missing my water) and pissed at anyone who drives a van, I get another picture text.

This one said, "Found you a brand new one". My adorable husband went to Starbucks, a place I don't think he has ever been in without me, and bought me a brand new cup! He definitely gets Husband of the Year for this one!

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