Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Girls' Weekend!

This weekend we did a Mother's Day weekend with my two sisters and my mom. On Friday night we packed up, kissed the kids, and headed to St. Michael's on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, for a relaxing weekend full of girl time, catching up, and of course wine.

Our hotel was amazing...The Inn At Perry Cabin is beyond breathtaking, located right on the bend of the river, with sprawling lawns and Adirondack chairs laid out for lazy afternoons. The story behind the inn is it was home to Laura Ashley once, and supposedly she fell down the stairs and died somewhere in the inn's main house. Although no ghosts visited us at night, her china was visible daily during our morning cup of coffee and for our afternoon snack in the pub.

So we arrived Friday night, and prepared for our weekend of pampering. Let me share some highlights with you so you can have a sneak peak at our weekend escape. Saturday morning started off with a run in the fitness center. Yes, you might not think this sounds very exciting, but having a chance to wake up and go for a run without having to worry about feeding, changing, or watching a small child was pretty great! Below is the view from the second floor fitness center, as I jogged (slowly) and watched some rabbits chase each other around the vegetable garden below.

Then we toured two houses we might rent to stay in for my parents' anniversary in the fall...I am not sure YUCK accurately describes them. Let me make a comparison...You know when you have that feeling that something is not right with your kid as they are squirming where they are sitting with that tight expression on their face. Then you pick them up, only to find your arm suddenly feeling very warm, as a your head jerks to the side to avoid the stench that is coming from your child who is covered in poop. Oh, did I mention you are also at the grocery store, with a full cart, and no diaper bag? Yeah, well that is what these houses were didn't know what to do or where to turn to avoid the disaster blowing up in your face.

After that adventure we headed into town to grab some lunch. We decided on this little sushi restaurant on main street, before we let the shopping spree begin. Now, my whole family loves sushi, even A gobbles up raw tuna and salmon once a week, so sushi was a logical choice for a yummy lunch. We ordered some sashimi, rolls, and tuna poki and started looking for more houses on our ipad. When the food arrived we all filled our soy sauce dishes and dug in. As I am putting the yummiest looking piece of salmon in my mouth, and laughing over my sisters recent comment, I am startled by my mom violently spiting her tuna into her napkin. Of course we all freeze and look over to her, assuming she is chocking or something serious. Well, apparently her tuna had gone bad.  I relent the decision to the my sister to try the "rotten" tuna, claiming I will puke on the table if I have to eat rotten fish. They both take small, timid bites, scrunching up their faces in the process, and made a unanimous decision that the tuna was fresh and my mom was crazy. Now, it is not that we don't love our mom, but sometimes she exaggerates. As I am watching her shake her head as she pushes away her dish, I grab that first piece of salmon, dip it in my soy, and slide it into my mouth. While I refocus my attention on my sisters, and let the salmon slide down my throat, it hits me...I just ate rotten fish. I gag, but it is too late, I have swallowed it! In between chugging my green tea and wiping my tongue with my napkin, I try to explain why I am about to vomit on our lunch. I think my direct quote was, "I hate you all, I just ate rotten fish...I am going to throw up and shit my pants". About two minutes later, with a stomach ache in the making and a frantic sushi restaurant staff, I head out of the restaurant with my mom, leaving my sisters behind with the rotten fish. I had enough...double yuck!

Humm...rereading this blog, my weekend escape doesn't sound quite so gets better, I promise.

At 3pm, with a gurgling tummy, I head to the spa for the most amazing massage of my life. If I lived closer to St. Michael's and had an unlimited bank account, I would go back weekly to let Sophie work her magic.

We finished the evening with a great dinner (yeah, still couldn't eat too much) and a fun night with my sisters and mom before we headed home early Sunday morning. Although I was pretty hesitant to leave A for two nights, I made it, and wouldn't trade the memories for anything...well maybe for a fresh sushi dinner :)

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