Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Perfect Escape

You know when you are on the brink of a major meltdown because you feel like you have been doing the same thing over and over again. And the mere thought of going to the zoo again in the sweltering heat, or pushing your way through the thousands of other strollers crowding the mall hallways, or even playing in the family room wants to make you pull your hair out?

Well, I was close to that...then we headed up to my parent's beach house in Connecticut for five days. Despite a cranky, teething kid, who has more snot pouring out of her nose than a classroom filled with allergy prone children; and four days of on and off fog mixed with a little rain, we had a blast!

Our last day up there was perfect. We woke up and looked out over the clear, calm, Long Island Sound to see a few small island bobbing on the horizon and beckoning us outside.

As soon as I heard A stirring in her crib, I raced in there to let the fun begin. We started our day with some banana pancakes and a nice long walk with the dog, who actually showed some signs of fatigue after 45 minutes. Then we dropped the dog back off at the house, packed some toys, and headed to the beach to let A get her first real feel of the sand. She loved it, scooping up sand with her shovel and her hands and filling up her buckets. Then it was time to test out the water...freezing of course, but it didn't stop her from splashing all about, filling her diaper with salt water and sand.

After the beach she needed some down time, so we changed her shorts and loaded her onto my bike for a ride. Now, A is a very social little girl, and she didn't disappoint. Every person we passed got a wave and a "hi" and she even threw her hand in the air and shouted "weeee" as we raced down the hills.

Finally it was time for a nap. A family nap :) before some more fun!

When we arrived, my mom and I went out to get some necessities for the of which included a water table!!!! We ended up going with the Lagoon Sand/Water table, but just put water in both sides to make it less nasty and more fun! So obviously that was a huge hit all weekend. A loved splashing and investigated everything about it.

Finally, it was getting near dinner time, which meant our fun at the beach was coming to a we said good-bye to the water one last time till July and packed in the car for the long drive home.

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  1. What an awesome mini-vacation! My parents live in CT also and aren't that far from the Sound. It's such a fun place to go! Also really glad to hear you got the water table! It looks like she was having a blast with it!


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