Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Blond Moment

It just so happens that I am a true brunette (I mean, who ever fakes that) but I tend to have some serious blond moments. I had one today when I was driving in the car and had to share. I hope this makes you feel super smart!

So like I said, I was driving in the car, heading to my mom's house with A when I spied a cop in a white car with the side light that they can beam on a suspect, in the lane next to me, one car back. Now, you know my fear of being pulled over, since I don't have a front license plate (fine), have no clue if I have updated registration (fine and probably points), and rarely carry my license (fine, points, and probably jail time). I mean, honestly, how am I going to explain to my husband that I had to use my one call in jail to arrange a babysitter, or A was heading off to child services. I swear, the same case has been on Law and Order.

Anyway, I check my speed...fine, glance in my mirror to make sure the cop is still enough behind me they cannot see my missing front plate...check, and place my hands at 10 and 2 on the wheel. As we pull up to the light, I can see the side of the cop car in my side mirror and laugh at myself for thinking it was a cop. On the side of the car, in big letters, is ATM Maryland. Now, as I am laughing out loud, I start to tell A why our city is so dumb, they have an ATM car riding around.

As I am letting her know we don't live in the most crime-free city on the East Coast, and maybe it would help reduce crime if the state didn't publicize what cars transported ATM money, the light turns green and the car speeds past me. I stop mid-sentence and shake my head as I glance at the car as it pulls past. It does not say ATM Maryland, as I had originally thought, it says MTA Maryland, for the Maryland Transit Association.

I guess I never thought I was reading it backwards since I saw it through my mirror! least I know our city is a lot smarter than I am, since I still have no idea what cars they used to transport ATM money.

Blond Daily Mom

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  1. hehehe! Thankfully A is too little to realize the blondness of that moment!


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