Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Know It Is Not Thursday...

But we had a super fun playdate today! If you saw my post from last week about the Cylburn Arboretum then you must remember there was an hour long Nature Story Time today! Naturally, A and E were all over it...and by that I mean literally running all over the (absolutely breathtaking) mansion, while listening to a lady read stories about bats. I guess that was the animal of the week. The two kids were so good when we first got there before the stories began, but about 10 minutes later they had enough sitting and looking at stuffed bats, bat skeletons, and bat books and were off to explore. The downstairs of the mansion is a collection of four large rooms, which all had marble fireplaces, inlaid wood detailing on the walls, tray and grid ceilings, and the most amazing and ornate moldings I have ever seen! I would have loved to have gotten a few pictures of the inside of the mansion, but A would not sit still for more than about 3 seconds, so I was off and running too! I will make sure I get some next time we go.

After an unsuccessful 20 minutes of story time we decided to let the kids run free outside in the gardens, where they were at least a bit safer, and not annoying to the other kids who wanted to actually hear the bat books. They had a blast running all over, finding eggs (sure, we might have pointed them out), and of course having their picnic lunch.
Ready for story time!

E is facinated with the first bat book

E and his Mommy <3

A and me!

A found E's baseball hat

Wasn't too fond of it on her head...

So she decided to try to put it on E's head
Good job!

The Robin's egg we found

Always time for some soccer

Hey, no hands!

Checking out the second egg we found

Waiting patiently for lunch

"Sharing" some veggie straws...well sort of :)

What a fun day!

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  1. Hey! Thank you for stopping by my blog, I am your newest follower. It looks like you had a fun play date, that mansion sounds really interesting!! The kids are both adorable. (Gave you a vote on top mommy blogs too!!)

    -Ashley aka homesweethomemama


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