Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Sunday Morning Tradition

Isn't it funny that something we do every week, and love doing, somehow never gets recorded in pictures or words? For example, every Sunday morning, we feed A breakfast, grab our reusable bags, and head to the farmer's market. Now, this is not your typical farmer's market. First of all (remember we live in Baltimore) it is under the highway, at the place where the highway dead ends into the city. So Monday through Saturday this area is definitely not somewhere you would ever travel! Not only is it the place where the majority of homeless people set up shop, but it is loud, nasty, and dirty.

 Somehow though, on Sunday morning the homeless are nowhere to be found...okay fine, you will see a few nestled by the on and off ramps... the traffic overhead is non-existent, and there are hundreds of people, kids, and dogs bustling about the 50 plus stands.

 It is quite the operation. There are your typical farm stands with everything from beets, onions, potatoes, and other root vegetables to greens, berries, and fruit. Then you have the honey stand with the 101 year old lady working, who swears she is still alive, and thriving, because she eats one teaspoon of bee pollen each morning. You have the local crab men with their trucks loaded with bushels of live blue crabs, calling out the price of the day over the hum of the croud. Speaking of fishermen, there is also a truck (in fact I think it might be two now) who drive down each Saturday night from Maine with mussels, clams, lobsters, and all the fresh fish you can imagine. The Maine men have a trivia question each week too, and if you answer it correctly, right on the spot, you win a free lobster. Nope...I have never gotten it! Then you have the bake stands...delicious. The coffee stand, yes there is only one and there is always at least a 20 person line. The kettle corn stand, the flower stands, the dog treat stand, the lamb wool blanket stand, and the creamery stand. There is also "the pea guy" stand who has a line that rivals the coffee stand and sells all kind of peas and beans out of coolers. I have only waited in the line for the lima beans, but trust me, they were worth it!

A while ago I wrote a blog about houses...and I need to add something to my list of what I want to happen in our next house...which really doesn't have too much to do with our next house but more about what kind of mom I want to be. So, I would like to add to the I want A to always remember and cherish our Sunday morning family trips to the farmer's market.

Here are some pictures from our trip this morning.
One of the many vegetable stands

A was picking out what apricots she wanted.

They waited in line for coffee...with a kid...impressive!

Some of the beautiful of which is sitting on our kitchen table right now!

A bushel of Maryland blue crabs...pinch, pinch!

It doesn't get much fresher than this.

A likes to be our big helper by carrying the bag of cherries.

A different root vegetable stand

After a muffin snack, A was lounging in her stroller!

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  1. I love Farmers Markets, what a great tradition!

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