Friday, June 10, 2011

Home Is Where The Heart Is

I have been thinking a lot about houses recently and since I have only lived in three places since I graduated from college, I thought I would write down what milestones have happened in each...then I can plan accordingly for our next place, and the next step on our life.

The summer after college I moved into my oldest sister's stable apartment till August. Here is what went down...
·         I took the entire summer off to relax, lay in the sun, and play with my oldest (and only) niece, who was about 2
·         We got Preston, our first dog!
·         My hubby had to go back to Canada to play hockey
·         I was super sad :(
·         My first nephew was born in Canada
·         I spent some quality time with my oldest sister (who is 7 years older than me)

In August I moved into my grandfather's apartment (don't worry, he was not living there anymore). Here is what went down there...
·         I started my first teaching job...and LOVED it.
·         My hubby came back in the Fall and decided to stay in the States :)
·         We got engaged
·         I threw Preston a ridiculous 1st birthday party, complete with the pink, plastic "I'm 1" yard sign
·         I first waxed myself...ouch!
·         My grandfather passed away :(
·         I got a new car
·         I lived with my best friend from HS
·         We decided living together was not good for our friendship, so she moved out
·         My middle sister got married and moved back home!
·         I got married
·         I started grad school
·         We bought our first house

A few years of living in the apartment and we moved into our first house. We also made a few big steps in life...
·         We got to live together as husband and wife
·         We became really close with two of our best friend-couples, who are now A's godparents
·         I finished grad school
·         My hubby got his green card!
·         We found out we were having a baby!
·         We had a beautiful, healthy, baby girl!
·         We learned a lot about taking care of a house and a baby
·         A celebrated her baptism and 1st birthday here
·         A took her first steps
·         A learned how to run her parents' show :)
·         Preston started calming down a wee, little bit
·         I quit teaching elementary school and became a stay at home mom
·         I decided I need to work a little and got a job teaching grad school
·         I realized how lucky I am to be home with A all day and still get to teach
·         I fell in love with our little family
·         We grew our first pumpkin, tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, and herbs
·         We decided to only grow herbs

Here are my goals for our next home
·         To give A a sibling or two
·         To have a lazy dog who snores in the kitchen
·         To grow old (okay, fine older)
·         To buy a playset
·         To walk A to her first day of Kindergarten
·         To cry a lot at the fact that I have a Kindergartener
·         To raise a family with love, respect, kindness, and good values
·         To be on the PTA
·         To be the mom who brings in cupcakes, just because
·         To pick my kids up from school each afternoon and find out every detail about their day
·         To have family dinners
·         To spend quality time with friends
·         To go on special trips with just my husband
·         To teach at the college level once my kids are all in school
·         To make breakfast each morning and dinner each night
·         To leave little notes in my kids' lunches every day
·         To wake up each morning as happy as I am now

I know each house, and each stage in our lives, will hold special memories and I could not be more grateful for where we are today and what we have to look forward to tomorrow.

Daily Mom

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  1. You are absolutely right! Home IS where the heart is. This is a great piece and I love that you've also set your goals.

    I go back to visit my parents often and sometimes stay there a night or two, but even though I grew up there and my parents are supposed to be my comfort zone, it actually isn't anymore. It's where my heart is and that's where my life with my new family, my husband and baby are.

    Thank you for sharing this.

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