Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Water Babies Mom vs. One Step Ahead Mom

Of course everything you read now, since it is summer, is all about sunscreen. And, while I am a firm believer in applying sunscreen to all of A's 1,000 parts, I do think this debate has gone a bit overboard.

Being a mom, I know kids who look like the add in the latest One Step Ahead catalogue, completely covered in loose fitting, breathable pants, a long sleeve rash guard, an oversized hat with flaps for neck, back, and ear protection, and of course the wrap-around sunglasses to ensure eye safety.

Then I know the kids who look like the Water Babies sunscreen bottle with little tanned extremities and a white bum to highlight the bathing suit lines.

Where do I fall. I would say pretty much in the middle. Each morning, if we are heading outside before lunch, which is pretty much always, A gets a healthy slather of sunscreen on her still naked frame. Then her little shorts and a tank, or dress is applied and we are off for the day on a new adventure. Does she get a hat...sometimes, when my conscience tells me her little head is more valuable than her appearance. But as a rule, I just stick some sunscreen in her quickly filling in hair and go on with my day. So in this respect I fall more into the Water Babies Mom category. But, I am a little One Step Ahead Mom too, since no matter how late it is after nap time, if we are going out again this kid will get more sunscreen. Just the other day we were headed to the pool for a dip and I went through the full sunscreen routine at 4:56pm.

My question here is simple...are we making kids more prone to sun damage if we do not expose their skin (with sunscreen for protection of course) at a young age? Do the pale kids have to stay pale their whole lives, or can we gradually and safely allow them to soak in some Vitamin D also?

So where do you fall...a Water Babies Mom or a One Step Ahead Mom?!?

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