Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Playdate!

This week, since it has been over 90 degrees before 10am each day, we decided to take the kids to the pool! Unlike last time A went to the pool she did not trip in the water quite as much.  Which always makes for a more relaxed day when you don't have to worry your kid's face is under water every second.  

So A and E met at the pool this morning at 10am, with their moms in tow (trust me this is how it feels) carrying every essential pool item, and a few extras. The kids had a blast running around, playing in the water, drinking the water, laying in the grass, watching the big kids swim, and of course eating lunch. But like any good playdate, when they started to stagger around more than usual with that glazed look in their eye, we knew it was time to get packed up!
I want to be a sun bather like Mommy used to be.

Just taking a lap, checking for friends.

Here, E, take my hand.

These chairs look fun, let's give them a try!

Oh, there is that girl from music class.

A, just relax in the sun like me!

I can't E, I am too hot. I have to take a dip.

Look at this fun bucket.

Wow, it floats.

My toes are getting prunie, I need a break.

Where did I put my towel again?

E, I love you, but you take my ball and you are getting dunked!

Waiting for lunch is not our best quality.

So around 12:30 we dragged two half-asleep children out of the water, got them changed, and headed home for a nice long nap.

Wouldn't it be so fun if staying cool was always this easy?

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  1. You do the best stuff with her! You're such a good mom.

    I must point out that Babe has the same sun hat and snack cup. Does that make me a good mom too if I buy the same things as you? :-)


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