Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday Playdate

Since the weather has been so nice all week my GF's and I planned our playdate for this new park near us. We did our usual meet at 10am with picnic lunches, and released the kids! However, the weather gods decided this morning was a good one to let some rain down, so the park, which was in a very wooded area (great on a sunny day) was wet, muddy, and pretty much gross.

 If you didn't guess from previous pictures on this blog, we are all a bit preppy around here, so naturally our kids looked adorable in their "play clothes" and each mom had on khaki shorts and a cute shirt or polo. Not exactly what you wear to a wet, muddy park, but we had a blast going down the slides with the kids, climbing up the equipment with them...or really chasing them to make sure they were being safe, and collecting sticks and whatnot off the ground.

 I realized that today was the first time A really got dirty. She has always been a bit of a clean freak, and trust me those tendencies came out a bit today, but overall she lived it up, and was covered in dirt from head to toe! After a fun picnic lunch, with three kids who were so tired they actually sat still and ate, we packed our little dirt balls in the car and headed home for bath time and nap time.

Here are some pictures from the park, aka mud pit, today!
"A, here I come!"

"Hey mom, look at this cool wheel!"

"My turn first!"

"To slide, or not to slide, that is the decision"

Does a picture get much more precious than this?!?

"Yuck, what is on my hand?"

"Phew, I need a rest."

"Mom, this slide is high!"


"Ew, more of that nasty brown stuff."

"Swing, swing, swing, swing"

"Here I come, Nate!"

"Kids, put the sticks down please."
"Um, please don't tell us what to do."

Daily Mom

Here is an encore post...

A has been having a very hard time sharing recently, and when I was talking to her about sharing in the car today on the way to the park, I told her if she was not a nice friend then her buddies would not want to play with her anymore. I caught these pictures at the park today and wrote up what I could imagine her saying...maybe it is time to call in Super Nanny?!? 
"Mom, where did all my friends go?"
"Well, sweetie, you were not being a good friend and sharing so I think they left."

"Stop it, they would not just leave."
"I am sorry love, but that is what happens when you are not a good sharer."

"OMG, you are serious, they are really gone."
"Maybe next time you can be a better friend and share with them."

"Seriously, they are going to leave because I suck at sharing? Whatever, I will find new friends."
"A, that is not a very good attitude."
"Blame yourself, mom. You clearly have not been teaching me well."

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  1. That face is priceless! I think you are spot on with the commentary! haha!


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