Saturday, June 4, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect?

 A's baby cousin is coming to stay with us for the weekend, so we decided to start practicing with a baby doll a few days ago. Here are the results...
 First we worked on putting the baby in the stroller...
 That didn't go super well.
 Then A put the baby to bed...upside down, and a little more forceful than planned.
 Then A fed the baby...chicken?
 Then she took the baby for a walk...backwards.
 Slammed into a few things and did a wheelie or two with the stroller.
Then the stroller got stuck so A tipped it over.

I would say, overall, the lesson didn't go quite as planned, but A sure tried hard! Although I am not sure how much my sister will care how hard A "tried" if I returned her child tired, hungry, and with a few bumps and bruises :)

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  1. So I guess she's not ready to help earn a living by babysitting. Maybe next year! haha! Too cute!


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